Create Popup Ads

     Trigger365 is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins and pop-ups to create ads like FOMO, Social Proof, Notificatioins…to attract and keep your website visitors.

     Besides, it also helps you to record visitor data and detailed statistics about their behavior on your websites that you integrated Trigger365.


Ads Campaigns

Support creating multiple advertising campaigns, each campaign corresponding to a domain and its subdomains.

Easy integration

With just a few manipulation processings you can integrate ads into your websites and activate them work.


Types of Ads

Trigger365 has up to 14 different ads types such as: Notification, Social Proof, Live counter, Email collector, Score feedback, Last conversion ...

Ads Statistics

You will have a dedicated page for statistics for each of their Ads to see how your visitors are doing?

Why Trigger365?

Using this toolkit, you will get the following helpful values:



Attract and retain visitors

When visitors come to your website if you do not have the ads at the right time to direct visitors to your sales battle, you will likely lose customers.

Increase conversion opportunities

This toolkit will increase the conversion rate from your website visitors to potential customers higher than when you do not use it, thereby increasing sales, increasing sales.

Create bigdata

The toolkit also has ads to help you create real bigdata by recording the registration information of your website visitors via ads like registration form.

Understand customer behavior

The results of your website visitor statistics will help you have a basis for analysis and evaluation to understand their behavior so that you can have better marketing campaigns.