How to renew/update your account?

How to renew/update your account?

     This article will show you how to extend or upgrade your account to a higher service plan so that you can use this tool without any restrictions.

     To renew / upgrade your account to a higher service plan, you need to follow these steps:

+ Step 1: You login into;

+ Step 2: In Dashboard window, you click on Renew/Upgrade link (number 1 of the red rectangle) like the bellow picture:


+ Step 3: In list of packages window, you choose one of package that’s suitable with you, after that you click on Choose Plan button of that package.

+ Step 4: In new window (You chose the Advanced package), You take turns to select the corresponding values according to the red number in the picture below:


After you do it follow 2, 3, 4, 5 like above picture, you will process with step 5;

+ Step 5: You should payment for that package by the user guide of paypal. When you finish for payment so your account’s auto renew/upgrade to the package that you have choosen.

==> That’s all!

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